03 May 2019

The Top 5 Classic & Popular Rosemont Models for a Perfect Gift



 This article will show you five classic and popular Rosemont models that we have selected as a perfect gift for those who are about to start a new job or school this season.
 Rosemont offers high quality watches with elegant designs that won’t break your bank, making them a great choice for a college freshman or a recent college graduate who just started a job. Make their new start a memorable one with a gift that celebrates their hard work!

A timeless design that never goes out of style

 The first on our list is Rosemont RS#1, which has been one of the most popular series since the beginning of the history of Rosemont wrist watch collection. The classic round case is petite at just 20mm. The sophisticated dial design is popular with all ages. The rose gold color on indexes, hands and brand logo adds a subtle feminine touch.

 Silver and rose gold color bands can create a neat look, while supple cow leather straps feel natural to your skin. The cow leather straps are available in 7 colors: brown, yellow, light brown, red, light blue, blue and white. The leather strap models have a VS-grade diamond accent on the buckle, making them a perfect gift for a special occasion.

 When you hear the name Rosemont, this series comes to mind for many. The iconic model of Rosemont, RS#5 series receives many orders every year as a gift.

 Our most popular series features petite and cute 14mm x 14mm square case and slim, jewelry-like band. The rounded, tiny case and skinny mesh band won’t get in a way of your hand or jacket sleeve, perfect for a classy, elegant look.

 Along with the luxurious mesh band models, we also offer leather strap models in dark blue, beige, bordeaux and brown. The glossy, enameled leather straps create a calm yet gorgeous look on your wrist. The impression of the watch can change depending on the strap/band combination so find the one that suits you and your style!

 From Rosemont Nostalgia S Collection, NS012 series, the most popular series of this season, has made our list. The latest addition to the Collection, it is a modern interpretation of the late 1930s rectangular watches, featuring a more sophisticated design and a thin case. Elegant Arabic numeral indexes add a sophisticated yet lovely touch. Its dial changes colors depending on the light angle and the detailed finish adds a luxurious feel.

 The straps are easily changeable with a single click and no tool so you can have them in many colors and match with different outfits. Mesh bands are prefect for a cool look while versatile leather straps come in 13 different colors, including brown for a calm impression and black to sharpen up any outfit. Vivid colors are great for adding a splash of glamor to your look.

 A classic model from Rosemont Nostalgia Collection, N008 is another series that gets gifted often. Its round case is versatile and goes with any style or outfit. The timeless design is sure to be kept in the wardrobe for years to come. The watch can be worn throughout the ages and phases that the giftee will go through, with over 30 different straps available to choose from.

 The charm is in the dial design and the shapes of the hands that create an antique look inside of the perfectly-sized 28mm round case. The gently curved, narrow lugs add a touch of elegance. The dial is available in classy Roman numerals for a sophisticated look, or Arabic numerals for a cool-meets-cute look. You can try out different combinations as straps can be changed with a single click.

 Last but not least on this list is N011, the most popular series from Rosemont Nostalgia Collection. Its square case is the reminiscent of the 1950s. The sophistication and the feminine touch reside together in this elegant design, which is loved by customers of all ages. The thin case gently rests on a wrist and is comfortable to wear, creating a dainty look.

 N011 is also available in two dial designs, with Arabic and Roman numerals. Roman numeral indexes have an antique feel, while Arabic numeral indexes are easy to read with a simple and clean look. The series comes in two different case colors—antique gold and silver—so you can create a combination that goes well with your skin tone, other accessories you have or a strap color you want.

A high-quality gift to celebrate a new start

 I hope this helps you find the right gift for your loved one’s step into a new life. A high-quality Swiss-made watch should make any celebration a truly special one.

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  • RS#1-09 RD

    The leather strap model of RS#1 series have a VS-grade diamond on the buckle.

    RS#1-09 RD

  • RS#5-02 DBU

    A model with enameled cow leather straps that shine with glamour.

    RS#5-02 DBU

  • Arabic numeral indexes rest elegantly on a two-tone dial for a fine impression.

  • N011-YWR MT1

    The slightly smaller case is delicately thin for a perfect fit.

    N011-YWR MT1

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