08 February 2019

Find your perfect Rosemont Nostalgia Collection watch!



 Rosemont Nostalgia Collection, our most popular collection, lets you mix and match a watch face and a strap/band to create your own perfect piece.

 You might not know immediately what combination you want to get or which strap color to pick for your favorite watch as there are so many to choose from…but worry no more!

 We have a new personalization tool called “Customize Rosemont Nostalgia Collection” that lets you see what any combination looks like in two easy steps. Find your perfect combination that elevates your mood for the coming season!

How the new customization tool works

 Start by clicking here to open Customize Rosemont Nostalgia Collection page.

① Choose a watch from the list of Rosemont Nostalgia Collection models and click on the image. If you are on mobile, you can swipe sideways to check out all the heads available.

 The heads come in square, round, tonneau and other shapes so think about a design that fits your style and/or occasion.

② Now select a strap or band to go with the head you chose in the previous step. Straps alone can change the overall impression of a watch so be sure to check out different combinations.

 A metal band (MT2) or a leather strap with a dark, rich color can create a neat look. For a luxurious feel, go for a mesh band (MT1).

 The straps are easily changeable with a single click and no tool so you can switch them quickly to match any outfit or occasion. Can’t decide on one strap? You might as well grab two (or more!) straps.

 The resulting image of the watch head and strap combination can be enlarged by clicking on the magnifying glass icon. If you are on mobile, you can place the enlarged image right onto your wrist to check the look. This way you can see if the watch goes well with your skin tone or other accessories you have.

 You can even stand in front of a full body mirror with the image rested on your wrist or ask others such as your friends, family or partner for their opinion to better fail-proof your decision. Clicking See the result button will display the model number along with the result. You can use it to place an order or request a gift.


Over 400 different combinations available! Which one is your perfect match?

 Rosemont Nostalgia Collection has over 20 different watches and 15+ types of straps for you to mix and match so the possibilities are endless. Try our new “Customize Rosemont Nostalgia Collection” tool and have fun finding the perfect combination just for you!

『Customize Rosemont Nostalgia Collection』

  • N011-SWA ERD

    The slightly smaller case is delicately thin for a perfect fit.

    N011-SWA ERD

  • N011-YWR MT1

    The elegant mesh bands can be changed with a single click!

    N011-YWR MT1

  • N008-YWR BBK

    Simple yet elegant round-shaped silhouette creates feminine sophistication.

    N008-YWR BBK

  • N002 series brings back a popular rectangular face from 1940's.

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