24 November 2018

Sophisticated Meets Lovely in New Rosemont Nostalgia S Collection



 Our popular Rosemont Nostalgia Collection gets a new smaller face while keeping the elegant design. The new Rosemont Nostalgia S Collection features the same easy-to-change strap as Rosemont Nostalgia Collection that can be changed with a single click and no tools. It’s a dream-come-true collection with a wide variety of straps to choose from and cute, petite size! In this article, you can learn all about the charms of this new collection.

Rosemont Nostalgia S NS011 & NS011J series

 N011 series, the particularly popular model of Rosemont Nostalgia Collection, is now available in cute 20mm x 20mm size as Rosemont Nostalgia Collection S NS011 series. Its slim, elegant square case rests gently on your wrist, flattering every move you make. With no second hand, the dial looks minimal, giving a beautiful and sophisticated impression.

 Rosemont Nostalgia S NS011 series comes in three colors: antique gold, silver and rose gold. Rose gold is an exciting new color that isn’t available in Rosemont Nostalgia N011 series. It’s a perfect color for creating a cute, feminine look.

 NS011J series features a case adorned with 36 zirconia stones and can add a glamorous touch to any look. Wanna upgrade your look? MT5 mesh band, specially crafted for Rosemont by a long-established German jewelry studio, can create an even more luxurious look. Crafted with a special technique also used for luxury brand jewelries, it shines intricately reflecting light from every angle.

 MT4 mesh band is glamorous, but its matte texture tones it down a bit. Luxurious yet neat, it’s a highly versatile band. The quiet look of MT4 mesh band is perfect for casual occasions as well as business ones.


Rosemont Nostalgia S NS002 series

 Rosemont Nostalgia Collection is designed with “handsome & elegant” as a theme. A particularly mannish model of the Collection is N002 series. With a cool rectangular face that emanates refined beauty, this series also gets a new smaller look in 20mm x 24mm. The lovely-meets-sophisticated design is cool yet feminine and cute.

 Just like N002 series, NS002 series features a delicately edged case. The refined details and well-crafted finish add a touch of luxury. The new series also features practical, easy-to-read black hands. It’s truly a timeless and ageless piece.

 The round glass is elegant with a perfect balance of gentle curves and clean, straight lines. The case is just the right thickness at 8.5mm, and the round Arabic numeral indexes adds a hint of subtle sweetness. Rosemont Nostalgia S NS002 series is filled with exciting new charms while keeping all the popular features of Rosemont Nostalgia N002 series.


Rosemont Nostalgia S NS005 series

 Popular Rosemont Nostalgia N005 series with an elegant tonneau case is also available in smaller 21mm × 22mm size now for an extra touch of feminine. Petite yet impressive, the model creates a classy look.

 Rosemont's signature antique design stands out in NS005 series. The dial has no second hand, creating a minimal look for an added elegance. The series comes in three different colors: antique gold color with a classic feel, silver color model for a refined impression, and feminine rose gold color.

 The strap for Rosemont Nostalgia S Collection is narrower at 13mm compared to 16mm of Rosemont Nostalgia Collection. The leather strap is tapered at a rate that has been obtained after many calculations to flatter a slender, feminine wrist. As of October 2018, the strap is available in seven colors: dark brown, light brown, gray beige, white, blue, navy and black. More colors will be available in the future.

 What do you think of the new collection? Rosemont Nostalgia S Collection models can be purchased or ordered through Rosemont retailers everywhere. Elegant yet cute Rosemont Nostalgia S Collection can help you create a refined and sophisticated look♡


  • 36 zirconia stones elegantly frame the square case and the mesh band shines brightly like a jewel.

  • The slim case of NS011 series rests gently on your wrist, flattering every move you make.

  • NS002-YW GGB

    The cool rectangular face emanates refined beauty. The lovely-meets-sophisticated design perfects both chic & cute.

    NS002-YW GGB

  • With an elegant tonneau case for an extra touch of feminine. Petite yet impressive, the model creates a classy look.

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