31 March 2018

Rosemont photo shoot report



 Rosemont production team is currently working on creating key visuals for our catalogs and in-store displays. In this article, we will be giving you a rare behind-the-scenes report on one of our photo shoots. The exciting new visuals for 2018 are coming soon. Be sure to check them out!

At what time do watches look the most beautiful?

 As many of you may know, when taking photos of a watch, the hands of the watch are stopped approximately at 10 minutes past 10. With the hands at 10:10, the face of the watch appears symmetrical, which accentuates the beauty of the watch. The hands also don’t get in the way of the brand logo and other elements on the dial. Though it may vary depending on the brand or the dial design, most watch visuals are created with this time setting. If you ever get a chance to take a picture of your watch, remember this 10:10 rule; It will give your visual a more professional look.

 At Rosemont, we also employ this 10:10 rule when taking pictures of our watches. With the petite Rosemont Collection models, we often keep the hands at 10:08 so that the minute hand won’t block the delicate details of the index. We apply the same rule to determine the best position for the second hand. We stopped the hands at the time where each watch looked the most beautiful before bringing them in for this photo shoot as well!


Make up and styling to fit the image of every watch

 We used models from Rosemont Nostalgia Collection and Rosemont Collection for this session. Hair and makeup as well as styling are changed up for every cut to fit the impression and coloring of each watch. We spend hours trying to figure out the best combination of items. We go back and forth, saying “Isn’t this strap better for this watch?” “No, if we use this coloring to go with the outfit, it will bring out the watch better.” It never fails to excite me when the composition that we worked on for so many hours since the planning stage finally takes its shape. No matter how much time we spend on deciding on the composition, we may still change the straps on the spot during the photo shoot. Rosemont staff, art director, photographer, hair and makeup artist, stylist and assistant staff all get together to actively brainstorm to create something better every time.

 Rosemont is loved all over the world including Switzerland. As popular models and colors are different for each country, branding and visual production are carried out under the direction of our Swiss headquarter. The visuals from this photo shoot express a “sophisticated elegance” that aligns with the lifestyle of modern women while conveying the beauty of old-fashioned watch designs. They will propose a new and different world-view by Rosemont.

 Every new model that is joining our collections this year is absolutely stunning. They will be released in three of our collections: Rosemont Collection, Rosemont Nostalgia Collection and Rosemont Back In Time Collection. We can’t show you the new lineup just yet, but they will soon be available in stores near you!


New visuals for 2018 will be available this spring!

 The new visuals from this photo shoot will be released this spring. We can’t wait to show you all the visuals that showcase the appeals of our new items, new styles for our popular models and the passion of our site staff. Be sure to check them out!

  • N010-YW BBK

    Our first dual time model in Rosemont Nostalgia Collection. The bottom dial has a second hand.

    N010-YW BBK

  • N008-SWR EGY

    Has a beautifully designed antique-touch hands and indexes. Two types of numeral are available.

    N008-SWR EGY

  • N011-SWA MT1

    The square shape was popular back in the 1950s. The slightly smaller case is delicately thin for a perfect fit.

    N011-SWA MT1

  • The side of the case is edged with lines, which makes the watch more elegant and feminine.

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