19 February 2018

Couple Watches to Make Your Time Together Truly Special


 Couple watches with matching design in different sizes or colors are trendy these days. Watches are an everyday item and can be worn subtly, which is why they have made a comeback as a popular ‘his & hers’ item in recent years. This article features Rosemont models for couples that are perfect for you to wear with your significant other. Make your time together even more special with our practical and fashionable watches!

Sophisticated round cases — the classic couple watches

Rosemont Back In Time B909-SNS-BK、Rosemont RS#49-03CR MT

 We will start with our versatile round case watches for him and her that go with any style. With a 1960-70s feel, Rosemont RS#49 series, Rosemont Nostalgia N009 series and Rosemont Back In Time B909 series are particularly popular as couple watches of all Rosemont series. They are easy to incorporate into both work and casual looks, and the sophisticated design adds an elegant touch.

 The men’s model from Rosemont Back In Time B909 series has a case size of 38.5mm, which makes it masculine yet refined. For ladies, Rosemont RS#49 series and Rosemont Nostalgia N009 series are 22mm and 31mm, respectively, so you can choose the size that suits your style. Rosemont Nostalgia N009 series and Rosemont Back In Time B909 series feature a second hand.

Rosemont Back In Time B909-YCY-MT3、B909-YCY-BK

 Simple yet beautifully crafted with attention to details, the paired series are perfect with both metal bands and leather straps. Metal offers a neat look, while leather creates a soft impression. A variety of straps are available for each series; metal bands and cow leather straps for Rosemont Back In Time B909 series, metal/mesh bands, cow leather and fine alligator for Rosemont Nostalgia N009 series, and metal bands and fine alligator for Rosemont RS#49 series.

 For Rosemont Back In Time B909 series and Rosemont Nostalgia N009 series, straps are easily changeable with a single click and no tool so you can switch strap colors quickly to match any outfit. You can have fun together choosing the straps that are right for your style or occasion.


Be unique together with classic-looking cushion cases

Rosemont Back In Time B905-SB-BK、Rosemont Nostalgia N001-03 MT2

 Rosemont Back In Time B905 series and Rosemont Nostalgia N001 series feature a cushion case that was popular back in the 1930-40s, which is literally shaped like a cushion. The round dial rests in a slightly curved square case, making them a brilliant model that combines a smart look with a gentle impression. They can be worn on both formal and casual occasions with changeable straps.

 The case size is 40mm x 40mm for the men's models in Rosemont Back In Time B905 series, and 29mm x 29mm for the ladies’ in Rosemont Nostalgia N001 series, which is likely an ideal size ratio for a his-and-hers duo. Consider this unique pair with a cushion case if the two of you want to stand out from the crowd but do it together.


Elegant tonneau cases to give your wrist a classy look

Rosemont Back In Time B903-YW-BR、Rosemont Nostalgia N005-YW MT2

 “Tonneau” means barrel in French. Smooth curves and straight lines are perfectly balanced in this classic silhouette. Featuring this elegant shape, Rosemont Back In Time B903 series, Rosemont Nostalgia N005 series and Rosemont RS#46 series have been much-loved by customers of all ages, both men and women around the world.

 The case size is 33mm x 35mm for Rosemont Back In Time B903 series, 26mm x 28mm for Rosemont Nostalgia N005 series, and 16mm x 17mm for Rosemont RS#46 series. All the models are slightly taller than wider with a slim silhouette. All three series feature practical, easy-to-read black hands and hour markers, which is one of the reasons for their popularity.

Rosemont RS#49-01CY MT、RS#49-03CR MT、RS#49-03CS LSG

 Other than the ones featured here, more variations and a variety of strap colors are available. Find the perfect combination for you and your significant other and wear them as you like!

Rosemont Collection

Rosemont Karat Collection

Rosemont Nostalgia Collection

Rosemont Back In Time Collection

  • RS#49-01CY MT

    Case with beautiful curves, dial and hands. The classical taste of 1960-70’s joins our collection.

    RS#49-01CY MT

  • N001-01 EBR

    This cushion-shaped case design was a popular trend in 1920’s - 1940’s.

    N001-01 EBR

  • B903-SW-MT3

    Simple & classic. The subsidiary second counter gives a decorative accent.


  • Chic tonneau shaped silhouette creates feminine sophistication.

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