28 August 2015

The History of Swiss-made Watches and Rosemont


Switzerland is known as the center of watchmaking industry. Many famous watch brands are based in Switzerland and their supreme quality is still highly recognized all around the world. It is a general knowledge that Swiss-made watches are the best in the world but not many of us know the reason behind it.

Watches that had been art objects only for the upper class first became available to the general public during the 15th and the 16th centuries. The center of watchmaking was France and Germany back then, not Switzerland. Fleeing from the persecution of the Reformation started in 1517, The Calvinist Puritans ended up in Genève, Switzerland where jewelry craft and handcraft industry had already been flourishing and introduced their watchmaking technology to the region. The state-of-art technology at the time and the decorative crafts united, giving birth to numerous masterpieces.

Additionally, assembling watches became a popular sideline job for off-season farmers during the long harsh winter in the mountainous areas around Genève and its surrounding regions, which is said to be another reason why the watchmaking industry prospered there. Genius watchmakers of Switzerland continuously invented innovative watches, and the country grew to be the largest watch producer in the world in the 19th century. Swiss-made watches firmly established their position as the watches of the world.

Pristine air and water and the cool climate of the high altitude were also the essential elements in the production of precision instruments such as watches. In Genève, Switzerland, the land blessed with such geographical conditions, Rosemont was officially registered in 1951. However, its history dates back to the early 1900's.

The Birth of Rosemont, The Watches of The Roses

Rosemont Old Posters

It is the early 1900's. A record indicates that a trademark "ROSEMONT SWISS MADE" was registered on May 22nd, 1905 in the Swiss capital of watchmaking, La Chaux-de-Fonds, during the era known as the dawn of watchmaking.

Rosemont was manufacturing table clocks and wall clocks using rosewood at the time, which points to the fact that our brand name "Rosemont" derives from the French words "Rose Montre (rose watch)." Some of rosewood timbers are referred to as the "jewel" because of the beauty of its grain and its rarity value. Heavy and highly weather resistant, this durable material has been used in making of fine furniture and musical instruments throughout the ages.


The exhibitor list of SWISS WATCH FAIR 1948

Overcoming the two world wars, the watchmaking industry of Switzerland prospered even further. Rosemont successively came out with pieces full of originality and ingenuity. The watches received a high reputation in neighboring France and other European countries as well as in Switzerland. Rosemont has been exhibiting at the Swiss Watch Fair since 1940, the predecessor of Basel World, one of the world's largest jewelery trade shows held every spring. Along with other renowned watch brands, Rosemont has been part of building the history of the watchmaking industry of Switzerland.

Rosemont is also planning to attend Basel World in 2016. We at Rosemot are looking forward to bringing you pieces that will fascinate you again next year.

  • RS#1-01 MT

    RS#1 series represents Rosemont Collection for a long time. Simple shape has been popular across all age groups.

    RS#1-01 MT

  • N001-01 EBR

    The very first model in Rosemont Nostalgia Collection. Paired with Rosemont Back In Time B905 series.

    N001-01 EBR

  • B901-SWR-BK

    Released at the BASEL WORLD 2013. The High-quality calf straps are easily detachable with a single touch operation.


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