29 September 2017

A Close Look at Rosemont Nostalgia N011 Series



 Since its debut in the spring of 2017, Rosemont Nostalgia N011 series has been gaining popularity all over the world. Featuring a lovely square case and a dial with a classical design, this series has been much-loved by customers of all ages. In this special article, you can read about this popular series and all of its charms and appeals.

A perfectly-sized 23mm square case with a delicately slim design

Rosemont Nostalgia N011-YWR DLB

 Not too big but not too small, the size is the big charm of Rosemont Nostalgia Collection. Out of the Collection, N011 stands out with its perfectly-sized 23mm x 23mm square case which creates an elegant aesthetic with a refined attitude. Petite but certain to make an impression, the square case was the silhouette of admiration for women back in 1940's and 50's. The combination of stylish and cute makes this design uniquely feminine.

 The square case adds sharpness to a look, which makes it great for business occasions, as well as wearing it with a simple outfit. Two index designs are available: Roman numerals for a classic look and Arabic numerals for a cute taste. Either design is sure to add a finishing touch of elegance to any everyday style.

 Another big charm of Rosemont Nostalgia N011 series is the thinness of the case. With a case thinner than that of other models in Rosemont Nostalgia Collection, N011 fits gently on your wrist. Delicately thin case makes it so light that it feels like wearing almost nothing. Do you get annoyed when your watch hits the sleeve of your jacket? Do you ever find the weight of your watch bothersome? Then this model is for you!

 It is thin but still possesses soft, feminine curves all around. Smoothly cut edges of the case and beautifully curved glass brings out a luxurious and elegant feel.


4 designs and over 30 different straps to choose from

Rosemont Nostalgia N011-SWR LLG, N011-SWA LRD

 Rosemont Nostalgia N011 series has 4 case designs: Roman numeral index and Arabic numeral index, each in antique gold tone and silver tone. Roman numeral models can create a chic feel, while Arabic numeral models give a cute impression. The antique gold tone head creates glamorous look, while silver tone head carries a neat impression. Choose your model according to your style or your favorite outfit color.

 Don't know what color is a good match for you? Why not choose the color that goes well with your skin tone? If your skin has warm yellow undertones, antique gold tone models are the way to go. Silver tone models are perfect for those with cool pink undertones.

N011-YWR MT1, N011-SWR MT1

 We offer over 30 different straps to choose from in cow leather, fine alligator, metal and mesh. Rosemont Nostalgia N011 series, just like other series in Rosemont Nostalgia Collection, features a strap that can be changed with a single click and no tool. You can get as many straps as you like to go with different styles and occasions.

Coming this fall, the new mesh models are a must for an extra gorgeous look. Shining elegantly reflecting light from all angles, the mesh bands add a classy glamor to a dressy look, and a sophisticated attitude to a simple style. The mesh bands can be purchased by themselves. Please contact us for details!



  • N011-YWR FGB

    The square shape was popular back in the 1950s. The slightly smaller case is delicately thin for a perfect fit.

    N011-YWR FGB

  • N011-SWA ERD

    It features a refined antique-style design and a sophisticated silhouette that adds a feminine touch.

    N011-SWA ERD

  • N011-SWR MT1

    The elegant mesh bands can be changed with a single click.

    N011-SWR MT1

  • N011-YWA MT1

    Two dial designs are available in Roman and Arabic numerals.

    N011-YWA MT1

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