10 May 2017

Rosemont Goes to Basel Again! Our Latest Report on BASELWORLD



Rosemont has a watch factory is in Basel, the third largest city in Switzerland. Following Zurich and Geneva, Basel is a city with a population less than 180,000. Every spring during Baselworld, the one of the largest watch and jewelry fairs in the world, the city welcomes over 150,000 visitors from exhibitors and buyers to journalists and watch enthusiasts.

This year, from March 23-30, about 1500 exhibitors, over 10,000 buyers and 4,000+ journalists from all over the world participated in Baselworld 2017. Especially this year, the event arena was filled with those who came to celebrate the show's 100th year anniversary. Here we will recap this bustling event and report on what we saw at Rosemont booth.

The ancient capital that hosts Baselworld
  • Basel SBB

  • Rhine river at sunset

Basel is in the northwest region of the country where Switzerland, Germany and France meet. There are plenty sights to see in Basel, including the beautiful streets of Old Town along the Rhine river. You can visit Kunstmuseum Basel, the first municipally owned museum in the world built in 1661 or many other museums that the city offers. It’s still this bright outside around 8 pm during Baselworld, which is held during daylight saving time. Rhine river was shining quietly in the sunset.

The world’s largest watch and jewelry fairs with an exhibition area of 141,000㎡

Baselworld is held at Messe Basel, which boasts a massive overall exhibition area of 141,000㎡. The vast space features a wide range of exhibitions from luxury mechanical watches to the latest smart watches, which is impossible to cover in one day. It’s quite a sight to see.

Rosemont’s popular latest models

How do you like this year's Rosemont booth? The black and white base was used to create this chic look. The display is just like that of a jewelry shop.

One of our latest models this spring and Rosemont’s first dual-time series, Rosemont Nostalgia N010 was praised for its attention to details and elegance rarely seen in other dual display models. Square models from Rosemont Nostalgia N011 series were also popular for the delicately slim design that isn’t too petite or too big. The fine alligator straps attracted many buyers with their clear, vivid colors.

That’s it for our report on Baselworld 2017. Baselworld is one of the must events for all watch lovers. It’s open to public for 60 CHF so consider attending this event if you ever have a chance to take a trip to Switzerland in spring. Make sure to stop by at our booth, too! We will be waiting for you again next year with our new models that are sure to captivate your heart.


  • The dual display model is for anyone who work internationally or has family or significant other overseas.

  • N011-SWR EGY

    Features a refined antique-style design and a sophisticated silhouette that adds a feminine touch.

    N011-SWR EGY

  • RS#5-01 MT

    The most iconic model in Rosemont. The gorgeous metal bands are made by jewelry artisan experts in Germany.

    RS#5-01 MT

  • The elegant champagne gold dial exudes the atmosphere of 1960-70’s and adds a charm to the piece.

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