10 March 2017

Selected Rosemont Models Perfect For A Fresh Start!


Are you ready for the spring and the new start that it will bring? During this season, customers come in looking for a watch they can wear to a job interview and continue wearing into their career, or a gift for a college freshman or a recent college graduate who just started a job. In this article, we will introduce a few stylish and practical Rosemont models that we carefully selected for your new spring look. Read on to find the perfect gift for your loved ones to celebrate their new start or the watch that will brighten up your everyday.

The latest Rosemont Collection models! Elegant & classical, petite watches

Since its launch in winter 2016, Rosemont RS#49 series has been well-received by many customers of all ages. It features a sophisticated classical design with a touch of 1960-70s feel. Inside the delicately domed glass, the hands are nestled against the beautifully curved dial. Together they create a neat yet feminine look.

At 22mm, the case is on the smaller side, which look natural around a fitted cuff of a suit or uniform. The leather strap is made with the finest alligator from a long-established French leather workshop. It comes in a variety of colors and can be easily changed with a single click to match your outfit. This model can also be paired with Rosemont Nostalgia N009 series or Rosemont Back In Time B909 series.

Rosemont's longtime beloved series

Rosemont RS#1 series has been loved for many years around the world since the arrival of Rosemont watch collection for its simple, timeless silhouette. The rose gold color on the dial is another charm. The gentle tone compliments and enhances your skin tone naturally.

It also offers practical functionality with its second-hand feature. The metal band models keep your style sharp, while the leather strap models are popular for the variety of colors. The straps are available in 7 colors: brown, yellow, light brown, light blue, blue, red and white. The leather strap models have a VS-grade diamond accent on the buckle.

Our most popular & iconic model, Rosemont RS#5 series

Rosemont RS#5 series is the most popular of the many Rosemont watches. When you think of Rosemont, this series first comes to mind for many. Featuring a cute, petite 15x17mm head and a skinny 6mm band, Rosemont RS#5 series is perfect for anyone who is looking for a jewelry-like watch. It can be worn together with other accessories.

The Milanese band is specially crafted for Rosemont by a long-established German jewelery studio which is known for producing accessories for luxury brands. It shines elegantly reflecting light from all angles. The delicate radiance adds an extra touch of glamor to any look. The glossy, enameled leather strap comes in 4 colors: natural beige, versatile brown, warm bordeaux and royal dark blue.

Antique style watches for sophisticated women

Next up is N008, a popular series from our Rosemont Nostalgia Collection. All the models from Nostalgia Collection feature a strap that can be changed with a single-click and no tool. Not too tiny but not too large, these models are perfect for anyone who is not a big fan of petite watches but feels men’s watches are a bit too much. They are feminine yet carry a certain sharpness.

Two index designs are available: with cute Arabic numerals or sophisticated Roman numerals. Replacement cow leather straps are priced reasonably at 3000 yen so giftees can casually purchase additional straps if they like. Changing the straps according to your style or favorite color at the time allows the watch to be used for a long time. Having a variety of straps can also spice up your daily outfit game.

Classical & elegant watches where tasteful meets soft in harmony

Rosemont Nostalgia N001 series features a round cushion face that was popular in late 1920s to 1940s. This series is simple yet detailed with curves calculated in millimeters and carefully designed subdial. The case is shaped with graceful curves and adds a feminine and elegant touch to your wrist.

As of spring 2017, Rosemont Nostalgia N001 series is available in three different indices: Arabic numerals, Roman numerals and with bars. If you are not sure which one to pick, those who love casual styles tend to go with the Arabic index model, those with a taste for classy look the Roman index model, and the ones who like to keep it simple the bar model, just for your reference.

Rosemont Nostalgia N002 series with an impressive, refined silhouette

Rosemont Nostalgia N002 series with its rectangular face is for sophisticated women. It features a linear form and Gothic index display. The delicately edged case looks beautiful from all angles and makes a refined impression. This model is a perfect mix of classy and cool with feminine sophistication.

For a more glamorous look, Rosemont Nostalgia N002J series is set with zirconia stones on top and bottom of the case. Twenty-two zirconia stones shine elegantly to flatter any outfit.

A watch is a must-have for any business person.

Why not celebrate the new start of your loved one with a special piece from Rosemont?


  • RS#49-03CR MT

    The classical taste of 1960-70’s joins our collection. The champagne gold dial exudes the atmosphere of the era and adds a charm to the piece.

    RS#49-03CR MT

  • RS#5-05 MT

    The most iconic model in the Rosemont Collection. The gorgeous metal bands are made by jewelry artisan experts in Germany.

    RS#5-05 MT

  • N008-YWR BBK

    Has a beautifully designed antique-touch hands and indexes. Simple yet elegant round-shaped silhouette creates feminine sophistication.

    N008-YWR BBK

  • The rectangular model was a trend during the 1940. The side of the case is edged with lines, which makes the watch more elegant and feminine.

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