10 February 2017

Mix and match however you like! Our complete guide to Rosemont Nostalgia Collection


Popular for its refined look, Rosemont Nostalgia Collection, at just around 30mm, is perfectly sized for women’s wrists. You may have seen them featured on TVs or in magazines. Today, we will talk about all the sparks that make them popular with customers of all ages with various taste in fashion.

The perfect size and the nostalgic design

From left to right; N008-SWA, N008-YWR, N008-YWA, N008-SWR

The watches range between 22mm to 30mm, which makes them slightly larger than Rosemont Collection. Yet they are not as large as men's watches and are designed to fit women’s wrists perfectly. Petite watches of Rosemont Collection make your wrist appear slim and elegant while Rosemont Nostalgia Collection watches keep the look feminine yet sharp.

Its nostalgic design is another charm. Rosemont Nostalgia Collection watches are built meticulously in pursuit of ultimate elegance. The shape of the lugs that connect the case and the strap may look simple but even they consist of beautiful, sophisticated curves. Our design team go through much trial and error to produce the nostalgic look and the luxurious feel. The watches that reach our customers are the fruit of the passion and the commitment of our craftsmen.

Over 30 different straps and bands to choose from! Which ones will you pick?

From left to right; N009-YCY, N009-SCR, N009-SCS

The biggest appeal of Rosemont Nostalgia Collection is the wide variety of straps you can choose from. Rosemont Nostalgia Collection features over 30 different leather straps and metal bands and can be purchased in any combination you like for all occasions and styles imaginable. By having different straps, one watch can be worn in many ways to match your outfit or depending on context.

From upper left; CWH, BWH, CBE, DLB, EBR, ERD, EBU, ENV, BBK, EGY, DPU, EMG, EPK

As of January 2017, the soft, quality cow leather straps come in 13 different colors: white (CWH/BWH), beige (CBE), light brown (DLB), brown (EBR), red (ERD), blue (EBU), navy (ENV), black (BBK), gray (EGY), purple (DPU), magenta (EMG) and pink (EPK).

Classic colors such as black, brown and blue are popular for leather straps. They can be worn casually or with your work outfit. For an extra classy look, you can match a yellow gold or antique gold color watch with a black or brown strap.

White or beige is perfect for adding a soft touch. Vivid red, magenta or blue will act as an accent color in your simple outfit.

Our popular fine alligator straps are made with the finest alligator leather material specially purchased from an established French leather workshop. They are characterized by their gorgeous colors with clarity and the lustrous look unique to fine alligator leather. New colors for fine alligator straps are added every season. Make sure to check back often so you won’t miss your favorite!

※ Fine alligator straps cannot be mass-produced and the color variation varies from season to season. The colors mentioned in this article will be available while supplies last. Please contact your local Rosemont shop for availability.

So easy! How to change the straps on Rosemont Nostalgia Collection watches

Rosemont Nostalgia Collection features “easy click” straps that can be changed with a single click, no tool required. You can change the strap to match your outfit for the day with no hassle.

Here are the simple steps: ① Slide the pin tab inward with your finger or nail and retract the spring bar inside of the strap.

② With the spring bar retracted and out of the pin hole, gently pull the strap out of the lugs.

③ To attach a strap, insert the end away from the pin tab into the pin hole first.

④ Slide the pin tab to retract the spring bar and insert the other end in to the pin hole.

⑤ Pull the strap/band lightly to make sure that it's securely attached to the case.

So what do you think? Which straps will you choose for your outfits? Get a variety of straps and let them be part of your style!


  • N008-YWR BBK

    Simple yet elegant round-shaped silhouette creates feminine sophistication. Two types of numeral, roman and arabic are available.

    N008-YWR BBK

  • N009-SCR ERD

    The N009 series features beautifully curved case, dial and hands. The champagne gold dial exudes the atmosphere of 1960-70’s and adds a charm to the piece.

    N009-SCR ERD

  • The rectangular model was a trend during the 1940s. The side of the case is edged with lines, which makes the watch more elegant and feminine.

  • The impressive and stylish silhouette was very popular in the old time. Paired with B903 of Rosemont Back In Time collection.

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