20 December 2016

Baselworld 2016 & Rosemont Watch Factory Tour


Held annually in Basel, Switzerland, Baselworld is one of the largest watch and jewellery exhibitions in the world. In 2016, the event was bustling tremendously as nearly 1,500 watch and jewelry manufacturers from all over the world gathered in the vast exhibition hall with a total exhibition area of 141,000 sq. meters. Today, we will talk about how things were at our booth on the day of the event and give you an introduction of our watch factory located in Basel.

The Birth of Rosemont in Genève, Switzerland in 1951

Rosemont, meaning “rose” and “watch” in French, was registered in 1951 in Geneva, the historic capital of Swiss watch industry. Rosemont was originally a clock manufacturer, producing classic table clocks when the brand was first established. We then moved to Basel, where our watch factory is located now, and transformed the brand into a wrist watch brand while preserving our classic signature designs.

Our watches appeal particularly to women who delight in beautiful antique items and vintage accessories. Authentic antique watches are hard to come by, difficult or impossible to repair and often in poor condition. Rosemont watches have the look of beautiful antique timekeepers, but are built with the latest technology and high quality Swiss movements, which makes them suitable for everyday use.


How Rosemont Watches Are Made

With 200,000 watches produced a year, their parts are still being assembled by hand to this day. The process requires a great amount of patience and concentration.

All Rosemont watches are designed and developed by our dedicated design team and assembled at our watch factory near Basel. Unlike automated large-scale factories, each watchmaker is responsible for the entire process of every watch they assemble at our factory, which ensures the integrity of our products.

The dial, also know as the face of a watch, is assembled first, followed by the movement which determines the precision, then the hands. This process is carried out with utmost care. Once the components are inspected and cleaned of any fine dust, the crystal and the case are installed. The watch back that is engraved with our rose logo is gently fitted onto the case to complete the assembly.

Manufacturing very small watches requires cutting-edge technologies, from the making of molds for the cases to the final assembly. Our Basel factory features state-of-the-art equipments, and skilled watchmakers assemble and inspect our watches using their superior technologies. Many of the parts are still assembled by hand. It is a magnificent sight to see our watchmakers meticulously assemble the watches one by one.

The smaller the watch, the smaller the margin for error. Consistent quality control and strict inspections to Swiss standards are performed throughout the manufacturing process. Only the products that have passed our stringent inspections are shipped from the factory to our customers all over the world.

Rosemont currently has many fans in Switzerland, Germany, Spain, England, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong and Japan. You will be one of them when you feel the luxurious ticking of our Swiss-made watches.

YouTube About Rosemont | BASELWORLD 2016



  • RS#1-01 MT

    RS#1 series represents Rosemont Collection for a long time. Simple shape has been popular across all age groups.

    RS#1-01 MT

  • Case with beautiful curves, dial and hands. The classical taste of 1960-70’s joins our collection

  • The navy dial exudes the atmosphere of 1960-70’s and adds a charm to the piece.

  • The leather straps of RS#49 series are interchangeable with a single-touch operation.

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