23 December 2018

2018 Year-End Rosemont Shops Survey! The Most Popular Series Top 8!



 We surveyed our sales specialists from all over the world to find out our top selling items. From the hottest pieces featured on magazines to the beloved classics, we asked each store to pick their most popular watches. Whether you are treating yourself for all you’ve accomplished this year or looking for a perfect gift for your special someone, it is worth a read!

Here are the top 8 Rosemont series of 2018!

 The first one on the list is Rosemont Nostalgia S Collection NS011 series, which was released this fall. It is smaller in size but has the same classical and elegant design of Rosemont Nostalgia N011 series, with the square case measuring 20mm x 20mm. The dial has no second hand for a minimal look with an added elegance. The slim case rests gently on your wrist, flattering every move you make.
 As of December 2018, the strap is available in seven different colors: dark brown, light brown, gray beige, white, blue, navy and black. Just like Rosemont Nostalgia Collection, the strap can be changed with a single click. The watch can be worn with many different outfits for a variety of occasions.

 The next one up is Rosemont Karat KR#2 series, which has ranked #7 on this list. Rosemont Karat Collection is our luxury line that was released to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Rosemont’s opening in Asia. The case is made with 14K gold or 925 silver. The collection embodies the craft and commitment of Swiss watchmakers.
 Especially popular among the collection is KR#2 series, defined by its elegant tonneau case. The slim silhouette enhances the beauty and elegance of a feminine wrist. The guilloché pattern on the dial and the arabesque pattern on the case side are fine and delicate. The leather is made with the finest alligator from an established French leather workshop. Its detailed design and luxurious feel make this model a truly special gift. Stop by one of our stores to see the difference yourself!

 #6 on the list is Rosemont Nostalgia N002 series of Rosemont Nostalgia Collection, which features an easy-to-change strap that requires no tools. The collection's theme, “handsome & elegant” stands out in this cool and sophisticated series.
 The series is a faithful reproduction of rectangular watches that were popular in the United States around 1940. At 25mm x 30mm, the perfectly-sized watch has a presence but cute at the same time. The delicately edged case adds subtlety to a refined impression.
 The greatest appeal of Rosemont Nostalgia Collection is the wide variety of straps you can choose from. Over 30 different straps are always available, including metal bands as well as cow leather and fine alligator straps. Try out different combinations for different styles.

 From the petite and cute Rosemont Collection, this year’s new addition, RS#7-01RT series has ranked in as #5 on the list. A luxurious round case adorned with eight zirconia stones pairs flawlessly with a dial that resembles a classic antique watch.
 The bracelet-style belt is specially crafted by a German jewelry studio that also produces accessories for luxury brands. The jewelry-like dainty bracelet, weaved by skilled jewelry makers, shines subtly, flattering every move you make.
 The series comes in three different colors: antique gold color with a classic feel, silver color model for a refined impression, and feminine rose gold color. Which color would you choose?

 #4 on this list is Rosemont RS#54, a new series that has come out this winter. Its playful design is reminiscent of haute couture watches of the 1950s. With exquisitely embossed lines on the case and the dial, the elaborate design is elegant and eye-catching.
 Six models are available in RS#54 series: a gorgeous, zirconia garnished model and a calm, solid model, each available in antique gold, silver and rose gold colors.
 RS#54 has been featured in many magazines and was selected as a top-ranking series by many stores across all regions. Its classical look is like no other and the design is one of a kind, which must be why it is popular among customers with unique style. It’s a timeless design that never goes out of style.

 We are now down to the top 3! Ranked #3 is Rosemont Nostalgia N008 series, which has been popular ever since it was first released. This series has been much-loved by a broad base of customers, regardless of age and style. The dial design and the shapes of the hands create an antique look inside of the perfectly-sized 28mm round case. The gently curved, narrow lugs add a touch of elegance.
 The dial design is available in Arabic and Roman numerals. Roman numeral models can create a classical look, while Arabic numeral models can add cuteness.
 The classic round case is versatile, creating different impressions depending on the color of straps. Wear it with a black or dark-colored strap for a cool look, or with a red or pink strap for a cute look.

 Rosemont’s iconic model, Rosemont RS#5 series has ranked #2 on this list. The rounded, tiny square case measures 15mm x 17mm and is adorned with 4 zirconia stones. Its jewelry-like design is extremely popular across the world. The mesh band for this series is also crafted by the same German jewelry studio previously mentioned. It shimmers elegantly, adding a luxurious feel.
 Versatile leather strap models are also available in this series. The leather strap is available in dark blue, beige, bordeaux and brown. The slim leather strap can create a delicate look to add a hint of femininity. It is a perfect piece for simple outfits and to boost the girly in you. It’s the #1 Rosemont watch men choose year after year as a watch they want their women to wear.

 #1 on the list of “The most popular Rosemont watch right now” selected by Rosemont specialists is Rosemont Nostalgia S NS011J series, which debuted this fall. This series has been featured in many magazines and on back order in many of our stores. “I love that it is gorgeous yet elegant enough for work!” “It’s cute but sophisticated. So versatile!” are some of the rave reviews we have been receiving from our customers. Even our sales specialists, who sell many Rosemont watches daily, have claimed it as the Rosemont watch that they personally want this year.
 Thirty-six zirconia stones elegantly frame the square case of Rosemont NS011J. The champagne mesh band, which has been specially crafted for Rosemont by a long-established jewelry studio in

Germany, shines brightly like a jewel. The band can be swapped with a leather strap, so the watch can be worn in many different styles. Don’t know what to get her yet? You can’t go wrong with this model!

 I hope this helps you find the right gift. Please feel free to contact us for any questions. We’d be more than happy to help!

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  • The model carries a glamorous attitude, making it a perfect watch for a sophisticated woman.

  • RS#5-03 MT

    The rounded, tiny square case measures 15mm x 17mm and is adorned with 4 zirconia stones.

    RS#5-03 MT

  • N008-YWR BBK

    Simple yet elegant round-shaped silhouette creates feminine sophistication.

    N008-YWR BBK

  • A luxurious round case adorned with eight zirconia stones resembles a classic antique watch.

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