24 September 2017

Caring for Your Watch: How to Keep Your Favorite Timepiece Shining for Years



 How often do you care for your watch? Many of you might say, “I didn’t know that I had to do maintenance on my watch...!” or “I have never cleaned my watch because it isn't dirty...”

 Even a seemingly clean watch can have dust, grime and sweat accumulated from daily use. If left uncleaned, it can lead to deterioration and failure. Just as you care for your shoes or coats, the key is to do regular maintenance on your watch to increase its life.

 Your precious timepiece deserves a long life with the right care. In this article, Christmahoff, an expert watchmaker from Rosemont watch factory, talks about “Caring for Your Watch: How to Keep Your Favorite Timepiece Shining for Years.”


Wear your watch every day? Wipe it clean once a week

Christmahoff, an expert watchmaker from Rosemont watch factory

 Hello, everyone. I am Christmahoff, a watchmaker. Thank you for using Rosemont watches. I am very glad to know that the watches we assemble are loved in places far away from Switzerland.

 Today I’d like to show you a few tips on how to do maintenance on your watch to keep it working for years to come. Let’s begin with quick cleaning techniques that you can do yourself. Watches are worn directly on the skin so sweat and dirt sticking to them is inevitable. You don’t keep wearing your dirty clothes, right? Watches keep accumulating dirt if you keep wearing them so they need to be cleaned on a regular basis. If you wear one every day, you should wipe it clean about once a week. For a wiping cloth, chamois leather is recommended for it has soft, fine surface. Even a cleaning cloth for glasses or any soft cloth is okay. Wiping it clean lightly can remove most of the dirt.

 You can use a soft bristle toothbrush to brush where the case meets the back of the watch, where the links on a metal strap connect to each other or any crevices on a watch. Use the tip of the brush to gently scrape off any dirt. Do this brushing and wiping and your watch will look noticeably cleaner. Don’t try to remove any dirt by force if it’s stubborn. Consult the shop where you bought the watch or a watch repair shop. Specialty shops can remove the movement from a watch and perform ultrasonic cleaning on the case and the strap for the stubborn dirt you can’t remove yourself.


No dirt or moisture should be left on a leather strap

 Rosemont’s leather straps are made of natural leather of either cowhide, fine alligator or lizard skin. Keep moisture or cosmetics off leather straps as they can damage or cause discoloration. Be diligent about removing dirt or moisture right away to increase the life of your strap. In case you sweat a lot, got water drops on it, or accidentally spilled a drink on it, wipe it off immediately with a dry, soft cloth. After wearing your watch, don’t forget to let it dry in a well-vented place, away from direct sunlight.

 No matter how well you care for it, your leather strap will be worn out over time. We offer replacement straps at reasonable prices so our watches can be worn for a long time. If your strap is starting show a bit of wear and tear, why not replace it with a new one? With a different color strap, you can even give the watch a new look!


The best tip on keeping your watch shining

 How did your Rosemont watch find its way to you? Did your parents give it to you as a graduation gift? Was it an anniversary gift from your partner? Or did you buy it to reward your hardworking self? You might have bought it on impulse while you were on a shopping spree. Each watch has its own story. The best way to keep your watch shining might be to remember how it found its way to you.

 Watch assembly is now automated in many places and most of the assembly process is done by a machine at some factories. At our Rosemont factory, we assemble each and every piece by hand with the greatest care. We’d be happy to see our work live its life as long as possible. Thank you for reading this article!


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    N011-YWR FGB

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    RS#5-02 DBU

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