20 December 2016

Ask a Professional in the Watch Industry Vol.3 Mr. Urawa, buyer at On Time, watch stores with in-store repair shop, On Time Co., Ltd.


Are you ready for a fresh start? Excited for your new career? You want to wear items that can boost your mood when you are in a new environment. Must have items such as daily planner, bisiness card holder and watch should be chosen with care and of good quality.

For this article, we interviewed Mr. Urawa, the chief buyer at On Time, a company which operates watch shops inside LOFT, about how to choose a watch for a fresh new season. He has helped hundres of customers find their perfect watch and speaks from his experience on the topic. This is a must read for anyone who is looking for a new watch for their new business attire.

Mr. Urawa, buyer at On Time, watch stores with in-store repair shop, On Time Co., Ltd.

3 key points for finding a watch that everyone will love

− During this season, customers come in looking for a watch they can wear to a job interview and possibly into their career, or a gift for a college freshman or a recent college graduate who just started a job. With your experience as a sales expert including the store manager at On Time Shibuya, can you tell us what you consider as key points for finding the right watch, especially for a fresh career start?

“It can depend on your profession but if you are going with leather straps, you should pick a calm color that is easy to match. For dial, I think refreshing white or off-white with soft impression would be better than vivid colors.”

− Color is important.

“People usually go with simple and standard designs but you can choose modest yellow or calm pink for the case to add more style. This way you can also wear them casually. RS#46 from Rosemont would be easy to match. Its case is small so the color wouldn’t be too loud.”

− RS#46 is popular among customers of all ages. The timeless design can be worn for years to come.

“Rosemont watches are Swiss made yet their price range is very attractive. Not too expensive but not too cheap. Just the right price.

− Some of us care about the price range of the watch we wear to work.

“Many customers would rather peek into their new environment before they make a purchase. They want to make sure they blend in. They often want to know things like whether it’s okay to wear a watch more expensive than one their senior is wearing.”

RS#46-01 LBR, RS#46-05 BR

− That can be tricky.

“We listen to our customers carefully for what they really need and want to make our suggestions. We want our customers to imagine themselves in their new lifestyle and find the one watch that is truly theirs with the help of our staff.”

− You should stop by at On Time when shopping for a daily planner or stationaries at LOFT.

“I believe you should see and hold the actual thing before you buy a watch. I always pay close attention to the size of the watch and how it fits me. I won’t buy a watch if it doesn’t look good on my wrist no matter how good it looks by itself.”


− You wouldn’t be able to get the feel of its size unless you see it in your hand.

“Rosemont Nostalgia Collection watches are perfectly sized and fit well on women’s wrists. There aren’t many watches around 30mm. You can even swap the straps to keep it fun. Changing the straps can greatly change the look of a watch. This is especially true with classic, simple watches. They can be worn for both office and casual. Very versatile.”

− Rosemont Nostalgia N005 series is popular out of all the Rosemont watches that On Time shops carry.

“I’d also recommend smaller models if you have to wear a dress shirt or a jacket to work. Bigger watches can get in the way of your sleeves which can be a nuisance. You should enjoy different watches for different outfits and occasions.”

Over 70 certified watch repair technicians! What makes On Time, watch stores with in-store repair shop, stand out?

− There aren’t many shops that have over 70 watch repair technicians with national certification.

“I myself have a level 2 certification. We have stores all over Japan from Hokkaido in the north to Kyushu in the south and each store has at least two technicians. We not only offer repair service for the watches from our stores but also for offer consultation for ones customers bought from other places.”

− It must be reassuring for customers to know that the store has its own repair shop inside.

“It’s easy to casually stop by because we are located inside of LOFT. If you feel awkward going into the watch section of a department store or a specialty watch shop in town, please come on by to take a look at our watches. We have a wide range of watches from authentic international brands to trendy brands for everyone.”

To keep wearing your watch for many years - Minor maintenance can put the shine back on your watch

− Can you give us tips on how to maintain our watches?

“Never leave a watch with a dead battery in. It will leak and ruin the mechanics inside. Please bring it to us as soon as your watch stops moving. You can also perform minor maintenance at home. Wipe them lightly with a hankerchief or a piece of chamois leather. Simple cleaning with a toothbrush can also make a big difference. Grease and dirt can easily get trapped in the crevices on a bracelet. Bring it in and we will clean it with a ultrasonic cleaner. We will also check if the pins on the band are okay.”

− The result is quite amazing, isn’t it?

“You can refreshen the look of your watch by simply replacing the tired looking strap. Men often check out the condition of your watch if he is interested in you.”

− What a shock it would be to see a worn-out watch strap on a pretty lady, right?

“You should do maintenance on your watches as you would run a regular inspection on your car. We are always happy to see a customer continue to wear the watch we helped them pick. It would be more than an honor for us to have a lasting relationship with them. Please come talk to us if there is anything we could help you with!”

On Time

Operates watch stores with in-store repair shop which are located inside of LOFT stores across Japan. Each of the 28 stores from Hokkaido to Kyushu stations technicians who specialize in watch repair. (in Japanese)

  • Rosemont Nostalgia Collection N005 series in new petite size.

  • Chic tonneau shaped silhouette creates feminine sophistication.

  • Attractive fine cow leather strap is soft on your skin.

  • The impressive and stylish silhouette was very popular in the old time.

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