24 November 2015

Sales Specialist Talks about the Perfect Gifts to Give & Receive This Winter


There is not much left of 2015. Holiday decorations are seen everywhere now but have you already planned for the special dinner or done all the gift shopping? For this article, we interviewed Ms. Nishizaki of CHARMY Omotesando, who has many customers coming back to her for her advice on gift ideas (and for her super charming smile, too!). Whether you are searching for a gift for your special someone or looking to reward yourself for all the hard work you have done this year, here you can read about the perfect gifts to give & receive recommended by sales specialist Ms. Nishizaki.

Ms. Nishizaki at CHARMY Omotesando

The Secret of Fail Proof Gift Selection

− Because you are located in Omotesando, many customers are men who are looking for gifts for their girlfriend or wife. What are the questions you always ask them when they come to you for ideas?

"I ask about what their partners usually wear, their favorite color, how and when they wear accessories, what kind of accessories they have given them before and the design of those accessories... I just ask them tons of questions! I sometimes even ask if I could see a picture of their partner. I carefully listen to what they have to tell me and then make a few suggestions based on the image that I get of the recipient."

"Most men don't pay attention to whether their girlfriend prefers gold or silver for their accessories. Most women have a preference so it's often safer to choose the gift based on the color of accessories they usually wear."

− Indeed. There are many colors for metal alone, silver, gold, pink gold and more. We definitely have a preference.

"Watches are no exception. If the recipient usually likes to wear gold tone accessories, then I recommend watches with yellow gold tone. You would want them to wear it often when it's something you spent time picking for them."

− It's a wonderful feeling to think about someone putting in such an effort to pick a gift for you. A gift is always nice but it'd be even nicer if it's something easy to incorporate into your usual style.

"I also recommend items that have more than one way of wearing or could be customized, such as a necklace that can also be a bracelet or a free size ring. Rosemont watches have a wide variety of interchangeable straps, and that is a big plus."

Popular Jewelries in Latest Trend That Will Make a Great Gift

RS#5-01 MT ¥39,500, bracelet ¥46,000 / CHARMY, ring ¥43,600 • ¥45,800 / CHARMY

− We asked Ms. Nishizaki to select a few items to match with Rosemont watches from the most popular items at CHARMY Omotesando.

"This bracelet is very popular among women. The design features yellow gold and pink gold colors so it works well with other accessories in both colors. The sparkling part is multi-faceted like a mirror ball. It's an elegant and glamorous bracelet perfect for someone who doesn't care much for flashy stone jewelries."

"I chose a star themed ring to match the sparkling element of the bracelet. I own this yellow gold colored watch myself. I wear it with a different strap every season. Right now I'm wearing it with a brown strap for fall and winter look."

RS#7S-05 MT ¥39,500, bracelet ¥76,000 / CHARMY, ring ¥70,000 / CHARMY

"For those who are into cute style, I definitely recommend rose gold tone."

− It really brings out the feminine side of you, doesn't it? I think it might be the most popular jewelry color men like their girlfriend to wear.

"This rose gold tone watch is particularly full of antique flavor compared to other Rosemont watches, and its design is like no other. I picked accessories with round features to match the round face of the watch. The ring will be made to order to fit the size of the recipient, which will take about a month. We will even adjust the ring size for free for a year from the purchase date. Necklaces or earrings are popular as a surprise gift because they are one size fits all, but I'd like to recommend to add a ring as an options because it has a very "special" feeling to it."

RS#18-SV RD ¥45,000, bracelet ¥23,600 / CHARMY, ring (ruby) ¥34,000, ring (diamond) ¥38,000 / CHARMY

"I focused on the materials for this look. The red ruby ring and bracelet add Christmas cheer. We offer this series for every birth stone so you can also choose the stone for the recipient's birth month or your anniversary month."

"I chose a layering ring with a diamond piece to match the diamond featured on the buckle of the watch. I went with more glamorous gold colored items for this look but it would also look lovely with silver jewelries that match the color of the watch case. Silver is easier to incorporate into your work look, too."

RS#39WH-03 WH ¥29,300, bracelet ¥118,000 / CHARMY, ring (peals) ¥38,000, ring (moon stone)¥68,000 / CHARMY

"I chose white accessories to match this Rosemont RS#39 with a white strap, a limited model for CHARMY. I believe that pearl jewelries complement Rosemont watches very well. I styled it with an 18K pearl long necklace that can also be worn as a bracelet and a pearl ring for elegance. What do you think?"

− Very lovely! This will be perfect for a dressy occasion.

"I recommend this ring because it is easily adjustable and can be worn on any one of your fingers. The other ring has a moonstone and a diamond. It's a heart-shaped ring, a dream come true for girls who love everything cute. I want one for myself!"

Let Us Help You with the Gift for Your Special Someone

− At last, please say a few words for all the men out there who are feeling lost for gift ideas.

"Don't waste your time wavering! Many customers come in nervous but you don't have to. Drop by as if you were just going for a walk. Sometimes the idea for the gift starts forming just by chatting with our sales staff."

RS#39-01 WH, RS#39-03 WH, RS#39-05 WH

"CHARMY Omotesando and Yokohama VIVRE carry a wide variety of quality items with attention to materials starting at reasonable prices. We are sure that you will find something you truly like. We would like to make your Christmas and holidays even more precious by helping you find the perfect gift for your special someone."

"For a limited time til Sunday, December 27th, we are also having a special campaign for Rosemont at CHARMY Omotesando and Yokohama VIVRE. Customers who purchase a Rosemont watch will receive a special gift on a first-come and first-served basis. Rosemont x CHARMY limited models are available only at these two stores! We are all looking forward to seeing you at our stores!"


A beloved long-standing jeweler. They have been creating jewelries that are passed down for generations, from mother to daughter, then to granddaughter. “Cherish every and each piece, and every and each customer” and “genuine” are their motto. The company is celebrating its 50th anniversary this (in Japanese)

CHARMY Omotesando
4-25-6 Jingu-Mae, Shibuya, TOKYO

  • RS#5-01 MT

    The gorgeous metal bands are made by jewelry artisan experts in Germany.

    RS#5-01 MT

  • Thin metal belt and zirconia stones give a more elegant and stunning look to your style.

  • 925 silver is used for RS#18. The side of the case is beautifully embellished with a detailed antique pattern.

  • Four zirconia stones set on each corner and specially-cut glass dress your wrist up with elegance.

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