28 August 2015

Watch Specialist Interview Vol.1 – World Co., Ltd. OPAQUE buyer Aya Obara

by Mayumi Mimura

Fashion buyers look hard to find the "gem" in the sea of items. Today, we spoke with Aya Obara who has been a buyer at World Co., Ltd. for over a decade. She is responsible for bringing popular items to famous boutique store, OPAQUE. She shared with us tips on how to find a watch you can wear for a lifetime.

Watch is part of fashion. It should be chosen for the whole outfit, not just for the wrists down.

OPAQUE buyer Aya Obara

―What are the things you consider important when you pick your watch?

"I go with my intuition. Fashion is sensuous. It brings more joy to your day just to wear the designs you like."

―How do you pick the right watch for work or for days off?

"Small, petite watches like Rosemont are ideal for someone who does a lot of desk work since they don't get in your way. For your days off, you can go with watches with a unique design or vivid colors to express yourself."

―How do you usually choose a watch for your style?

"I match it to the whole look. I pick the outfit first, then the watch and accessories for the total look. I enjoy the process of creating a complete style."

Rosemont watches are truly the watches for women

One piece ¥20,000, Pea coat ¥39,000 (OPAQUE)

―Are there any models from Rosemont you are looking at particularly?

"Rosemont RS#42-03 BK is very cute with a lot of antique feel. I'm also keeping an eye on RS#39-01 BE and RS#40-01 BU. For fall and winter 2015, clothes in red and brown colors such as camel and dark brown are in trend. So basic brown, black or navy watches will be good and easy to work with.

RS#5-05 MT and RS#10-05 MT

― Which Rosemont models are popular at OPAQUE?

"Rose gold colored models such as RS#5-05 MT are very popular. Rosemont watches are petite and cute, which is why many people pick them like accessories. They are often bought as a gift, too. They will be a nice addition to a dressy style though you can also wear them to office."

―What do you think is the appeal of Rosemont?

"My friend wears her watch on the inside of her wrist and I always admire the femininity in the gesture she makes when she checks the time. Rosemont watches will look very well in the gesture since they are petite and dainty. You can look more feminine just wearing them. They are truly the watches for women."

Providing an opportunity to find your timeless piece

―How can we find a timeless watch that can be our lifelong piece?

"Watch is part of fashion. Look at a full-length mirror to get the feel of your whole look, not just from the wrists down. Pick a watch to match your everyday look or the particular occasion. At OPAQUE, we have a wide variety of clothes and accessories as well as watches. You can create a complete look so it's easier to find the watch that fits your style."

OPAQUE Marunouchi Store

"Rosemont offers a wide variety of watches. Please speak with our shop staff if you feel unsure which one to pick for yourself. We can help you find you a perfect model. We also have staff that are knowledgeable about watches at OPAQUE. Please come to us if you have any questions about battery replacement, repair and maintenance service.

We are certain that there are Rosemont fans out there who have found their one favorite watch and been wearing it for many years. We couldn't be more ecstatic if OPAQUE can provide you with an opportunity for you to discover such a piece."


Beauty boutique stores offering higher-grade beauty to women with a keen aesthetic sense (in Japanese)

3-1-3 Lucua B1F, Umeda, Kita, Osaka, JAPAN 530-8217

6-6 Fukuya South Building 1&2F
Ebisu, Naka, Hiroshima, JAPAN 730-0021

  • The oval-shaped case is gorgeously decorated with 40 pieces of zirconia stones, and its case sides are beautifully embellished with detailed antique patterns.

  • Four zirconia stones set on each corner and specially-cut glass dress your wrist up with elegance. Available in three colors: Antique-gold color, silver, and rose-gold color.

  • RS#40 has a classic yet modern look and makes your style unique and impressive. The fine-quality cow leather belts are available in three colors: blue, red, and brown.

  • RS#5-05 MT

    The most iconic model in the Rosemont Collection. The gorgeous metal bands are made by jewelry artisan experts in Germany.

    RS#5-05 MT

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