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27 October 2018

One Watch for Endless Styles



 A strap can completely change the look of a watch. Rosemont Nostalgia Collection's strap is easily changeable with a single click and no tools. In this special article, we will show you how to incorporate this versatile piece into different styles. We used N011 series, a particularly popular model in the Collection, to create four distinctive styles. With just a few straps, you can enjoy a variety of styles.

A classy mesh band for a neat look

 Rosemont Nostalgia N011 series is popular for its perfect size. At 23mm x 23mm, it’s just right, not too big or too small. This sophisticated yet lovely model with an elegant square case is available with Arabic or Roman numeral indexes.

 In this article, we used N011-YWR with antique gold color and Roman numeral indexes. You can wear it with a classy mesh band for a luxurious look to elevate your dressy style. Finely woven MT1 band also works well with a suit style or a chic look, adding an elegant feminine shimmer while keeping it neat. The mesh band is great for formal occasions as well, which is why it's a classic must-have piece.


Create a pop with a bright colored leather strap

 Want to spice up a white top or collared shirt style? How about a strap in a clean, bright color? An accent color can instantly add a touch of glamor to any simple outfit that could be otherwise unexciting.

 Not a big fan of accent colors in accessories? No problem! A white or off-white strap can save your day. These versatile colors are perfect for adding a touch of relaxed feel to any style.

 In colder seasons, the overall tone of an outfit tends to be dark but having a splash of bright color on your wrist can balance things out. It can also flatter your hand as it moves and catches eyes.


Warm colored leather straps for a feminine look

 Brown leather straps are also versatile and must-have as they can complement any style. You might already have one as we offer many brown straps that complement our antique-style designs. From deep rich brown or hazy sand gray to maroon that is perfect for the colder seasons to come, we carry nearly 10 different brown straps.

 Brown leather straps have a soft impression and go naturally well with feminine styles. Bright orange or red is also a perfect match for those feminine styles. If you already have a brown strap, why not try something new and go with the vivid warm colors to boost both your mood and style?


Cool colored leather straps to sharpen up a look

 Cool colored leather straps are a must for a sharp sophisticated look. Black straps are great for creating a chic look, while dark green or navy straps are also stylish. For a mainly black outfit, get playful with dark tones with a hint of color. Go with green for a calm impression, blue for luminosity, or purple for nobleness.

 Don't you think that changing straps can change a look completely? We hope you find many colors that suit you and enjoy different styles every day!


  • N011-YWR MT1

    Antique gold color & Roman numeral indexes.

    N011-YWR MT1

  • N011-SWR EGY

    Silver color & Roman numeral indexes.

    N011-SWR EGY

  • N011-YWA CWH

    Antique gold color & Arabic numeral indexes.

    N011-YWA CWH

  • N011-SWA ERD

    Silver color & Arabic numeral indexes.

    N011-SWA ERD

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