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02 October 2018

Lovely Meets Sophisticated♡ Rosemont Nostalgia Collection with Easy-To-Change Straps



 Rosemont Nostalgia Collection is much-loved for its perfect size that looks elegant on any wrist and its cute and sophisticated design where femininity meets sharpness. The strap is easily changeable with a single click and no tools, which makes the model even more attractive. Many of our customers have the straps in different colors and materials and enjoy incorporating them into their outfits for different styles and occasions. This special article explains how to change the straps on Rosemont Nostalgia Collection for anyone who wants to add new straps to enjoy their watch in different ways. It’s also a good read for anyone who wants to go over the steps again or learn more about the series.


On and off with a single click! Easily changeable straps of Rosemont Nostalgia Collection

 You don’t need any special tool to change the straps on Rosemont Nostalgia Collection. It features Easy Click mechanism that makes changing the straps a breeze for anyone, so you can change them in a matter of seconds even during the busy morning hours.

 The key is the tiny pin tab on the strap. Simply slide it inward with your finger tip and retract the spring bar inside of the strap. With the spring bar retracted and out of the pin hole, gently pull the strap out of the lugs. To attach a strap, insert the opposite end from the pin tab into the pin hole first. Slide the pin tab to retract the spring bar and insert the other end into the pin hole. Don’t forget to make sure that the strap is securely attached to the case by pulling the strap or band lightly.


Classy mesh bands with easily adjustable length

 Your wrist size changes slightly everyday just like your ring size fluctuates with weather or your physical condition. Have you ever thought it would be useful to be able to make fine adjustments to the length of your watch band? Our mesh band MT1 solves the problem with a convenient adjuster. It lets you adjust the band length by millimeters, so you can wear your watch just right.

 Adjusting the band length is also effortless and can be done with what you have at home. No special tools necessary. Open the clasp cover and pry open the clasp by inserting a small, pointed object (such as a screwdriver) into the small hole on it. Then simply slide the clasp up or down the strap to adjust it to your wrist. A flat-head screwdriver is used in the video, but a pen or toothpick will also do the work.


Straps in a wide range of colors to elevate your everyday outfit

 Rosemont Nostalgia Collection has over 30 different straps available to choose from: 15 cow leather straps, 5 metal bands and fine alligator straps in seasonally different colors.

 If classic is your style, then mesh bands or dark-colored leather straps are your go-to. Mesh bands create a neat look, which is perfect for business occasions or important ceremonies. Pick a strap in one of the white colors for a relaxed look. Red or light blue leather straps can act as an accent color to brighten up your style. Brown or beige leather straps are also popular for adding softness to any look.

 Try different combinations to find the perfect watch and straps for you!

  • N011-YWR MT1

    Features a refined antique-style design and a sophisticated silhouette that adds a feminine touch.

    N011-YWR MT1

  • N010-SW EGY

    This dual display model is for anyone who work internationally or has significant other overseas.

    N010-SW EGY

  • This cushion-shaped case design was a popular trend in 1920’s - 1940’s.

  • N008-YWA CWH

    Simple yet elegant round-shaped silhouette creates feminine sophistication.

    N008-YWA CWH

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