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29 May 2018

New strap colors for Rosemont Nostalgia Collection


 Did you know that the straps for Rosemont Nostalgia Collection models are easily changeable with a single click and no tools? Now they come in even more exciting colors! Dyed at a French leather shop, the new straps feature rich grained texture and elegant colors with an esprit. There are five new colors available: Red, Gray Beige, Brown, Navy and Light Blue. Any of these colors will elevate your everyday style.

Five new playful colors

 The first color we would like to introduce is vivid, dazzling Red (FRD). This red strap alone can add a touch of feminine glamor to a simple black-and-white outfit or a casual white T-shirt & jeans style. It pairs perfectly with gold case watches as well as silver case models. Silver and red will create a cool beauty look, while gold and red will make a gorgeous statement. 

 The vivid color is eye-catching, yet the texture is elegant, which makes it perfect for any classy look. This “lovely-meets-sophisticated” color is a must try for anyone who has been avoiding red in their outfit thinking it can look childish while it’s cute.

 The classic and versatile Brown (FBR) can be incorporated into virtually any style. The calm color is also appropriate for business occasions. Dark tones can tighten up a look so it’s useful when you want your outfit to look sharper. The brown is not too dark or too light, which is ideal for adding feminine softness to a neat impression. It’s an excellent color that can be worn all year round.

 The color works well with both silver and gold case watches, but antique gold-tone in particular pairs charmingly with this color. The strap perfectly complements the beauty of the nostalgic antique gold color. You will want to try it on with your antique gold color watch if you have one.

 The next one up is Gray Beige (FGB), the most popular color out of the new F straps. The grained texture and the chic color add to the sophisticated look of Rosemont Nostalgia Collection watches. The gentle color is natural and adds a touch of elegance for all skin tones.

 It can easily be styled with other beige or gray colors, or you can incorporate it in a black or white monotone outfit to create a sharp look. For example, you can pair it with a silver case watch in a white top & white pants look or match it with a gold case to wear with a graceful black dress. It also pairs nicely with smoky colored items. The nuanced color can greatly broaden your outfit choices.

 The new series includes Rosemont’s first ever Navy (FNV) strap! The bright navy color reminds you of a clear blue summer sky. It has a hint of yellow hue and goes well on yellow-toned skin. Let alone yellow and green, it also pairs well with brown items, creating a stylish and elegant impression.

 The navy stands out well against both silver and gold cases. Wear with a silver case for a clean and elegant look, or pair with a gold case to create an eye-catching wrist. The easy-to-incorporate color is perfect for anyone who tends to play safe with monotone outfits. Why not add a splash of color to your summer outfit and brighten your look this year?

 Last but certainly not least, Light Blue (FLB) is the cool new color perfect for the coming season. The striking light blue strap can add a nice pop to any outfit. Pair it with blue or white outfit for a classy style or match it with pastel colors like light pink or light yellow for a cute look. This accent color is sure to brighten up many of your outfits.

 The strap is best paired with a silver case. Lustrous with clarity, the color makes your skin appear more translucent. The cool, refreshing combination of silver and light blue will be catching eyes everywhere you go.

 F series straps will become available through Rosemont retailers starting this month. Be sure to stop by and try them on!

  • FRD | Red

    F strap - Red

    FRD | Red

  • FBR | Brown

    F strap - Brown

    FBR | Brown

  • FGB | Gray beige

    F strap - Gray beige

    FGB | Gray beige

  • FNV | Navy

    F strap - Navy

    FNV | Navy

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