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28 August 2015

Learn “how to accessorize your hands” from a stylist Miyu Irie


What is your reason for wearing a watch?

Is your watch just for "checking the time" or "looking professional"?

It can be and should be more than that! A watch can play an important role in creating your look. Today, we will introduce you to some watches that can bring out more "YOU" and how you can incorporate them to create more attractive look.

"Adult but cute" styles for your hands and wrists you want to copy now

  • Stylist Miyu Irie (right)

Miyu Irie is a popular fashion stylist whose classy "adult but cute" styling techniques have gained an enthusiastic support of fashion-minded women. She also appears in various media such as the magazine "AneCan." We invited her to speak at our event "Rosemont x Miyu Irie Summer Fashion Tips for Your Hands and Wrists" at CHARMY Omotesando, which ended with a huge success. Here, we would like to show you four of the fresh trendy looks she showcased at the event using watches from Rosemont and accessories from CHARMY.

A bracelet type watch with adome glass and 14 pieces of zirconia.

Create a cool, glamorous work look with silver theme

Putting together a look with an overall silver theme adds a cool and trendy taste, which is a technique Miyu recommends that you try. "Bracelet-like watches can be worn like an accessory and are easy to work with," says Miyu, choosing Rosemont RS#4-02 AR MT for the look. The accompanying bracelet sparkles depending on the angle and adds a touch of glitz to your hand.

18K Gold x brown caiman leather

Yellow gold X brown for elegance

She picked RS#18-YG BR for another work look." This has a luxurious feel and also antique touch. It's a chic and lovely piece. I picked accessories that are also petite to keep the look classy," says Miyu, explaining the tips for creating the style. The accompanying 18K gold bracelet can also be worn as an anklet. The overall gold theme creates an elegant impression.

Use fun colors for your days off!

Use fun colors for your days off

You can add a vivid colored strap to a basic style to create an effortless look with an accent. " Here, the stone on the ring matches the blue. You can also match it with the colors of other accessories like your shoes or purse," she comments. The bracelet used here is a long dainty necklace wrapped around a few times. This technique is useful for when you need an additional volume around your wrist.

Also available in silver and yellow-gold

Create a feminine look with a rose-gold color

Bringing feminine, elegant look to your hand, RS#7S-05 MT is the Rosemont's classic rose gold colored piece which is also the one Miyu loves to wear herself. With evenly placed stones, the bracelet is petite but has a great presence. Phalange rings are worn between the first and second joints of your fingers and can bring your fashion game to a whole new level. "You can layer them or wear them as pinky rings. Have fun creating different looks with them," says Miyu.

You've got to try them on to find the perfect watch for you!

Stylist Miyu Irie talks how to accessorize your hands at Rosemont event

When incorporating a watch into your outfit, you can pick a petite one for your tomboy look to add a feminine touch to it, or a men-size watch for your sweet girly look to keep it sharp. To a participant's question on what to consider when you choose your watch, Miyu answers, "Make sure to try them on." You like how an outfit looks but once you try it on, it looks different from what you expected... This happens more often than we like to admit, doesn't it? It's the same for watches. "By trying them on, you can find the one that feels right on your wrist and complements your skin tone and ambience," she says.

It’s your turn to find your favorite piece. Have fun wearing it and create a style that bring out more “YOU”!

Miyu Irie

She was engaged in the editing operation as a writer and stylist assistant for "CanCam" magazine at Shogakukan, then became an independent fashion stylist in 2003. After working for "CanCam" for about 6 years, she participated in the launch of "AneCan" magazine and was involved from its first issue. Her classy and easy-to-copy "adult but cute" styling techniques have many followers. She also has her own columns and opening series for the AneCan magazine where she teaches readers how to accessorize their hands or how to create different looks with a simple item. In 2012, she became certified as a professional organizing consultant and has been broadening the range of her professional activities.

Official Blog "Happy Days" (in Japanese)

  • RS#4 is a bracelet type watch with adome glass and 14 pieces of zirconia. Leather straps are also available.

  • 18K gold is used for RS#18. The side of the case is beautifully embellished with a detailed antique pattern.

  • Real lizard leather is used for the straps. 40 pieces zirconia stones make your look more elegant.

  • RS#7S-05 MT

    The gorgeous metal bands are made by jewelry artisan experts in Germany. Available in three colors.

    RS#7S-05 MT

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