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29 November 2017

Stylist Yuki Yoshimura Shares Tips on the Latest Trendy Accessories



 Fall and winter outfits tend to look bulky. Why not give it a nice change with trendy accessories?

 In this article, Yuki Yoshimura, a skilled stylist, shows us how to style with trendy accessories. Yuki has worked for numerous women’s fashion magazines and earned a solid reputation for her fine accessorizing techniques. She shares with us the hottest items of this winter and many useful tips on how to wear them.

The hottest items of this winter and how to wear them

Stylist Yuki Yoshimura

– Thank you for letting us interview you today. We'd like to get right to our first question! You are good with incorporating trendy items into classy looks. What are your personal favorites for this winter?

“Let me see. Velour and corduroy are in this year. The skirt I am wearing today is velour. Fabrics with this type of look and feel are very popular right now, not just for skirts but also for other items such as pants, shoes and bags. Color wise, mustard yellow like this and navy are popular. I’m seeing a lot more somber colors compared to primary ones this year.”

− The skirt is lovely! Somber colors tend to look dull and are hard to style with. Do you have any recommendation as to what colors to choose?

“Mustard color goes well with white or black. Brown or bordeaux can be very cute, too.”

− That’s great to know! Also, are there any accessory trends this year?

“The combination of gold and silver is in this year. I was wearing mostly gold last year but I’m wearing both now. By combining the colors together rather than wearing just one of them can create a more relaxed, stylish look. You should definitely try it.”


Elegant casual with fine accessorizing

− You incorporated a Rosemont watch into your style today. It’s casual but elegant and very lovely.

“Thank you! I picked greige leather strap to match the accent color on the bag. When styling, I pay attention to every detail such as metal buckles so as to keep the whole look together

− I see!

“When I can’t find any pattern or accent in the clothes, I use to the leather part of small accessories as something to coordinate a complete outfit by. Leather accessories with patterns are great for creating a neat look.

Rosemont Nostalgia N011-YWR LSG

− Incorporating a smooth leather item to this style would indeed create a different impression.

“I picked a silver bracelet with a hint of gold mixed in to match and balance the whole look with the watch. I picked both silver and gold for the rings as well.”

− That is a fine color combination. Neat and stylish.

“Rosemont Nostalgia Collection watches work well with both feminine and boyfriend styles, so you can style them with different looks. I love that about them. It adds an elegant feel as well. It is also nice that the straps are easily changeable.”

− It is so easy that it surprises many of our customers. We want them to have as many straps as they like and enjoy combining them with many different styles.


Accessorize to glamorize your total look

− For a mesh band, you have styled it with different accessories this time. Changing the accessories changes the impression a lot. You are wearing the same black turtle neck and mustard skirt, but it is even classier and more glamorous.

“The mesh band has a lot of glamor, so I picked accessories and bag that are glam to match it. The case of the watch is gold, so I picked gold colored rings and earrings. Large earrings have been the trend lately. Many women now wear only earrings with no necklace.

− The paired-up pearls and stones are very cute! The bag is lovely as well.

“Incorporating fur really brings out the glamor in the look. The metal parts of this bag have gold color in them. I pay attention to details like this, so I can link the color to the watch or other accessories.”

− It goes very well with the mustard colored skirt, too. It isn’t too loud but yet glamorous and elegant. Would be great for a little party or fancy get-together!

Rosemont Nostalgia N011-YWR MT1

“I use square-faced watches like this one when I want to add a feminine attitude to a look. The shape of the case is pretty important. It can change the entire impression depending on whether you go with a square or rectangle. I often turn to a rectangle watch when I want to create a boyfriend look.”

− Square watches are nice as they can be both cute and cool.

“For a sweeter look, I go with round-faced watches. The size of a watch is important as well as its shape. I love that Rosemont Nostalgia Collection watches are perfectly sized for both feminine and tomboy styles.”

− Thank you! You look at our watches in such meticulous details… and the tips are really useful!


To pick a watch, look at the accessories in your wardrobe

Rosemont Nostalgia N011-SWR MT1

– Thank you so much for talking with us today! We have learned a lot. We don’t call you an accessory expert for nothing! We are going to start using these styling skills right away.

“Oh, thank you! When I work on an outfit, I aspire to create something that makes everyone say, “I want to go out in this!” so I’m really happy to hear you say that.”

− One last question. Can you give some advice for someone who is looking to buy a watch?

“Ideally, you’d want watches in both gold and silver colors but if you have to choose one, you should go with the color of accessories you already have. You could bring a picture of your accessory collection to the watch shop and check with the picture as you look at the watches. Another thing to consider is whether you like a casual or feminine style. Silver is easier to incorporate into casual outfits. Gold has the classy element which can be used in a neat look or feminine style. The design of the watch itself is also important but it is helpful to check your own style again before making a decision.”

– Thank you so much!

  • N011-YWR MT1

    The square shape was popular back in the 1950s. The slightly smaller case is delicately thin for a perfect fit.

    N011-YWR MT1

  • N011-YWA CWH

    It features a refined antique-style design and a sophisticated silhouette that adds a feminine touch.

    N011-YWA CWH

  • N011-SWA MT1

    The elegant mesh bands can be changed with a single click.

    N011-SWA MT1

  • N011-SWR EGY

    Two dial designs are available in Roman and Arabic numerals.

    N011-SWR EGY

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