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20 July 2017

Enjoy Kimono with a Complete Outfit That Perks You Up! Editor-in-Chief of Kimono Salon, a Kimono Magazine, Ms. Furuya Shares Tips on How to Choose a Watch for Kimono


 Kimono is a Japanese traditional wear. Many of you may be wishing to try on one of these kimono or yukata (a casual summer kimono) while on the trip to Japan. We interviewed Ms. Furuya, the editor-in-chief of Kimono Salon, a must-read kimono magazine for any kimono lover. She shared some tips on how to choose a watch for such special occasions.

Let a kimono brighten you up

– Thank you for letting us interview you today. I love the kimono you are wearing. It’s very lovely.

 Thank you. I chose this one for its cool, refreshing color, perfect for the season. It’s by Mr. Koichi Sakaguchi, made with a stencil dying technique called Kaga komon from Ishikawa prefecture. It’s dyed using double stencil. I had it custom made with the stencils and color I picked when I visited his studio for an interview. People often tell me that I only wear colors like this. It is my personal theme color.

– It’s gorgeous and beautiful! So does that mean you like light colors?

 I’d say so. I think colors that are too dark or plain might make things look a bit dull. What is the point of spending all that time and effort to put on a kimono if it doesn’t brighten things up, you know? So that’s why I recommend my readers to choose a combination of kimono, obi and accessories that can brighten their spirits.

– When you say a combination of kimono and accessories, that just sounds difficult. Do you have any tips for choosing the right accessories for your kimono?

 The color of obijime is especially important. It might be only one or two cm wide but can change the impression of the whole look. If you pick pale pink, it will make your look lively yet elegant. If you go with a much darker color, the look will come together much sharper. Today I chose dark blue, which is the opposite color of my kimono. I think the strap of a watch might have the same kind of effect as obijime. The key is to put together an overall impression or theme.

Check the time with gracefulness

– How do you check the time when you are in kimono?

 I wear a wrist watch when I wear kimono, but would advise against it if you are going to attend a tea ceremony. You don’t wear rings or any accessories, and even skip wearing an obidome so not to clink them against the teaware and damage them.

– I didn’t know there was such an etiquette. I just learned something new. Pocket watches come to our mind when we think of kimono but not everyone has one to go with their kimono. But if you pull out a cell phone from your purse to check the time, that’d ruin the whole kimono look!

 I believe it’s important to pay attention to how you walk or wave your sleeves when you are in kimono. That is all part of kimono so you should choose a watch that lets you move in such manners. This Rosemont watch is petite with a skinny strap and will probably go well with kimono. It doesn’t get in the way and has just the right balance. I like that its crown is small too. When you are wearing kimono, you should choose something that doesn’t really have anything sticking out.

Bring together the tone, the theme, and the texture

Left : RS#7N-01 MT / Right : RS#5-03 MT / Obi : NAGAI ORIMONO

– You have chosen two watches for the kimono you are wearing today. What are the reasons for picking them for your outfit?

 This watch with a mesh band (RS#5-01 MT) matches the texture of the weave of the obi. And that it’s a bit matte, too. It goes very well with the whole outfit, including the color. I like that it’s petite and light weight and doesn’t bother you at all. You should pick a watch that blends naturally with your kimono, nothing too bold. I think you can keep the whole look beautiful that way.

– This mesh band from RS#5 series is specially crafted at a jewelry studio in Germany. It shines elegantly reflecting light from all angles. We highly recommend this watch for kimono.

RS#40-03RM LVO

 Maybe the antique-style design somehow links with kimono, which is a traditional craft. This one (RS#40-03RM LLG) is lovely as well. The linear shape is perfect for kimono. Its glossy look and the orthodox design make it appealing. The texture of the alligator strap is nice, too.

– This fine alligator strap has a lever and can be changed easily.

 Wonderful. You can change the straps to match the color of your kimono. That’s a big plus. The straps are reasonably priced too. It makes you want to get them in many different colors.

Wear kimono like wearing jewelry to upgrade yourself

Rosemont Nostalgia N008-YWR LAB Obi : MUHOUAN

– Last of all, can you tell us the appealing points of kimono?

 It’s a lot more work to put on kimono than regular clothes but enjoying the time you spend picking your obi and accessories or dressing yourself leads to happy kimono wearing. When you are in kimono, it makes other people around you happy, changes how you feel, and even enables you to show your respect at various functions.

– Kimono wearers do brighten up scenes.

 Kimono is already established as a craft. It’s made with techniques of many people and tradition. It is as decorative as any jewelry. It’s like dressing yourself in jewelry in a sense. I want to continue helping people experience the true beauty of kimono so more people wear kimono.

– Thank you so much!

Kimono salon The latest Issue on

First issued in 1981, the magazine covers a wide range of topics on kimono from the latest trend and styling techniques to cultural knowledge such as information and history of origins. Issued semiannually (Feb & Aug).

Kimono salon website (in Japanese)


  • RS#5-01 MT

    The most iconic model in the Rosemont. The gorgeous metal bands are made by jewelry artisan in Germany.

    RS#5-01 MT

  • The new face with Roman numerals has a classic & modern look and makes your style more impressive.

  • The thin mesh bands and 8 pieces of zirconia stones give a more elegant and stunning look to your style.

  • N008-YWA CWH

    The Rosemont Nostalgia N008 series has a beautifully designed antique-touch hands and indexes.

    N008-YWA CWH

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