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20 December 2016

A Fashionista Is a Master of Closet Organizer: Naoko Suzuki Shares Tips on How to Master Styling & Organization Skill


Naoko Suzuki is a successful life organizer with a motto “Families will change when mothers change, Japan will change when families change.” She is also a writer and runs a household as a mother of a boy and a girl. Today, we asked her to talk about her styling & organization techniques for successful women.

Naoko Suzuki, Closet Organizer / Personal Styling Association Headquarter Lecturer

Having Designated Places Is the Key

− I heard that your organization service is fully booked over the next year. You seem busy all the time. Besides TV shows and magazines, how many lectures do you do in a month?

“About 5-6 times a month on average. Sometimes 3 lectures a day.”

− You actively write for blogs and books, and are also responsible for managing the household as a mother… When do you go to sleep??

“I do sleep enough! I wake up before 6am because I have to make bento boxes for my family but I make sure to go to sleep before 11pm. I was cutting down on my sleep when I first started this career and that eventually took a toll on my health. You should never cut down on your sleep.”

− I have heard somewhere that women biologically need more sleep than men but a study found that Japanese working women were sleeping far less than their male counterparts.

“The work we do is comparable to what men do, and we do house chores on top of it.”

− I don’t think I can say all that about myself though... What do you particularly pay attention to when it comes to time management?

“Well, how can I put it...? People who don’t like tidying up don’t have designated places for their things. You would keep putting stuff on the floor as long as the floor is there. The same thing with time. If you let yourself think, ‘oh well, I have 24 hours,’ it never gets done and you will end up cuting down on your sleep. You shouldn’t let you think that you can get it done by working hard and not sleeping. You’d end up like I did! I first set aside the time for what is nonnegotiable to me, such as sleep or time to spend with my family. Only then I figure out how much time I can spend on a task.”

− I’m learning a lot today! All this time, I thought the floor was a place for me to put stuff on... I leave things around and I don’t finish what I start...

“My room also used to be very messy. It was terrible. I always thought that I was cleaning up so I could have people over. ‘I will just tidy up before they come.’ Tidying up is something you do so you can spend quality time at home. If your home isn’t where you can relax, where else can women relax nowadays? It might not bother you that your house is messy but you do need a place where you can recharge properly. You can save time taking things in and out and improve work efficiency when you organize. Best of all, you also organize what is in your head. Your life will change a lot just by changing your attitutde a little. Busy women need to build a solid foundation so they can accomplish all the things they want and enjoy many things in life.”


A Watch Is a Tool To Organize Your Time

− You own a Rosemont Nostalgia N001. When do you wear it?

“I wear it when I’m about to start working. My job means that I leave the house on some days and on other days I take interviews or do office work at home. So I wear it even at home if I’m working. Your work can drag on if you don't set your time when you are working at home. I want to finish what I have to do managing my time properly so that I can enjoy my spare time. It is important to organize your time. Wearing a watch can focus your mind in a way other accessories can’t.”

− It is wonderful to hear that you also wear it at home. Thank you!

“I sometimes wear my Rosemont watch just like an accessory because it makes my hand look pretty. It is in a very reasonable price range but looks very luxurious so I get many compliments. This model I chose fits well on women’s wrist and not too big or not too small for anyone really. It’s both linear and curvy at the same time. I love the perfect balance.”


Organization and Fashion Personal Stylist, Naoko’s Styling Techniques

− You spent many years building your career in the apparel industry before starting your own business, and your book earned the No.1 on Amazon Bestseller. You look fabulous whenever we see you! Can you please show us how to style with Rosemont watches?

“I will start with a formal style. This black blouse has sleeves with fluffy opening, and adding this watch makes your wrists look very petite. They often say that showing your neck, wrists and ankles is a key to looking stylish but once you are over 40, you don’t want to expose your neck or your ankles. You’d much rather stay warm! So, I try to suggest styles that show at least the wrists. They tend to get noticed.”

− Orange pants, a brown bag and a black blouse. Wonderful color pick there.

“You can easily match the strap color with the top to create a tight look but I chose the light color for spring to go with a more relaxed look.

“Let’s do a casual style next. It’s a denim style but matching this watch adds a hint of elegance and tones down the casualness. You want to keep your casual style neat and wear it classy. My current theme is elegant. I’m not too elegant myself so I’m trying to cover that with elegant items.”

− Yes, you ARE elegant!

“I chose indigo blue fine alligator strap to match the denim’s blue color. Rosemont Nostalgia Collection has a wide variety of strap colors and it’s fun styling with them.”

− With cow leather and fine alligator straps, you can choose from over 20 colors. By the way, you are also terrific at using accessaries. Can you please give us tips on choosing a watch?

“It’s easier to choose when you compare your options rather than looking at them one by one; ‘Should I go with a round face?’ ‘Or square?’ ‘How big do I want it?’ For the face, I recommend picking the color that matches your skin tone. When I’m styling my clients at work, I often have them bring the accessories close to their face so we can see which color brings out the best in them. It’s hard to tell when they are on your hand or wrist but it becomes more appearent as you bring them close to your face. You find out if the silver gives you a cleaner impression or gold matches your skin tone better. So bring the watch to your face and see how it looks. You might as well choose one strap in a color that suits your skin.”

− Bring the accessories close to your face! I never thought of that. We’d like to use the technique with our customers from now on.

“Of course, you can always choose your watch based on which one makes you happy or boosts your mood.”


How a Closet Organizer Organizes Her Accessaries

− I’m sure the readers are dying to know this; can you tell us how you organize your accessories?

“Right now, I’m using silicon cups for bento boxes. I put my accessories in there. I also have a place for my accessories in the kitchen. The first thing I do when I come home is to get to the chores around the sink, like preparing rice. I remove my accessories before I get my hands wet and I bring them over here to organize occasionally. I’m sloppy like that.”

− These are for bento boxes? They are elastic so they can probably fit in any space. And It’s easy to see what’s where. I want to copy this right now!

“I store my watches with my accessories where I also keep my pouch. If I want to change the strap to match the outfit of the day but have no time on a busy morning, I put the watch and the strap in the pouch and change them on the train.”

− With Rosemont Nostalgia, you can change the strap with a single-touch operation. We are glad to hear that you like your watch. Thank you for letting us interview you today!

“Thank you!”

Naoko Suzuki Closet Organizer/Personal Styling Association Headquarter Lecturer

After being engaged in design and planning at an apparel company, she switched her career path and started her personal styling business utilizing years of experience in the apparel industry and her inherent talent. Closet organization, which incorporates organization and fashion based on the concept of life organization, is particularly popular. She has appeared in various media outlets as a sought-after life organizer who is always fully booked.


  • This cushion-shaped case design was a popular trend in 1920’s - 1940’s.

  • N001-03 DGY

    N001 series available in three colors; yellow-gold, silver, and antique gold.

    N001-03 DGY

  • Also, two types of numeral, Roman and Arabic are available.

  • With cow leather and fine alligator straps, you can choose from over 20 colors.

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