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29 October 2015

Stylist Yuki Yoshimura Speaks on Fashion That Elevates Your Spirit


For this column, we interviewed Yuki Yoshimura, who is a talented stylist and has worked for numerous women's fashion magazines including LEE, BAILA, and Marisol. Yuki is a skilled stylist and has gained popularity among classy ladies with her elegant and sophisticated styling. Her smart accessory styling has also earned a solid reputation with its perfect color arrangement and a superb sense of balance. Would you like to hear about some styling principles that she always stick to? This is a must read for all the fashion forward ladies out there!

Rosemont Nostalgia N002-YW BBK, bracelet & ring: hum

Yuki's Way: Styling Techniques for This Winter

Stylist Yuki Yoshimura

− Your basic yet feminine styling with fresh edge is hugely popular. We'd like you to tell us what the fashion trends are like for this winter.

"Long outerwear is trendy this year. Lately, coat length cardigans, also called 'Coatigans' have been featured frequently in magazines. You can simply pick below-the-knee or calf length coat to quickly incorporate this year's style. Wide legged pants are also in this season."

− Yes, wide legged pants! I see them everywhere now. I bought a pair myself but I don't know what to wear with them... It's so tricky!

"It could be tricky but you can either keep your top small or tuck it in a bit when you are styling with them. Pay attention to the balance of your whole outfit."

− Now that's helpful! I will try these items in my outfit and see if I can wear them with style!

"As for colors, caramel and khaki are in. Caramel itself has a variation of colors such as deep caramel and light caramel, so you can find the one that works with you and have fun creating your unique style."


Choose Timeless Items and Use Them with Great Care

− You must always be hunting for new items from the latest trend working as a stylist, but what do you do with the items you no longer use? We imagine that a closet of a stylist is flooded with clothes and accessories. Just like in any girl's dream!

"I think I have less items in my wardrobe compared to what other stylists have in theirs because I replace them quite often. I discard them if I don't wear them for two years."

− Two years! That is rather short.

"I keep using my leather items for a long time, repairing and restoring them. A long use gives leather a nice aged look. It depends on the item but because the trendy items get worn over and over during the season, the fabric ones can't help but turn droopy even if I take a good care of them. I keep an objective eye and discard them gracefully once they are deemed no longer good. It's also because I'm a stylist."

"I keep the essentials and stock up more every season. As we get older, we naturally shift towards basic items. After all, stylish items with basic design stand the test of time and stay in our collection."


Yuki's Way: How to Style a Watch

N002-YW DLB (light brown), BBK (black), ERD (red)

− We see that you often use our Rosemont Nostalgia Collection N002 series in outfits in your feature articles. Can you tell us what kind of watches you personally like?

"I personally like square watches. I love the yellow gold model with a black strap from N002 series. I have one for myself. The leather strap is so versatile. It works well in both boyfriend looks and feminine styles. It is extremely handy and can be used in various outfits for any occasion."

"I prefer watches with simple and elegant design over ones that are cute and girly so I often use watches from Rosemont Nostalgia Collection for my work. It is also attractive that the strap is easily changeable. I can simply swap the straps to match it to the look any time unplanned changes are made during a photo shoot. It saves my life all the time. The strap alone changes the impression of the watch so that adds variation to your styles."

− Can you share a few tips for styling a watch in an outfit?

"I think about the whole look to match everything including the metal parts of the outerwear and the purse. I style a watch like I would a leather bracelet. I don't like wearing too many jewelries or accessories so I use watches often as an accent to naturally incorporate gold or silver with leather. It can make your look neat and also add weight around your wrist."

− Are there any trendy tips for styling a watch this fall and winter?

"Silver watches were popular in the summer because they work well with simple styles but I recommend classic gold watches for heavier fall/winter outfits. You can pick white leather straps to unwind your look a bit and balance it out. You can also experiment with mixing gold and silver when you are combining a watch with other accessories."


Have Fun with Fashion That Elevates Your Spirit

bracelet: Chang Mee, bungle: Miansai

− Finally, please say a few words to all the girls who love and enjoy fashion.

"It's best to wear what you want to wear and have fun! I strive to create articles that cheer up the readers and fill their days with happy feelings. You should enjoy styling a watch like you style with accessories. Looking neat is important as a working adult, and you tend to think mainly about your workplace when choosing a watch but it shouldn't be just for work. It's something that you wear everyday. Pick a watch that makes you feel happy and have fun styling with it. Let's bring out the cool and sophisticated lady in all of us!"

Stylist Yuki Yoshimura

A skilled stylist whose elegant and sophisticated styling has gained huge popularity among classy ladies everywhere. She has been working for various women's fashion magazines including LEE, BAILA and Marisol.

  • The rectangular model was a trend during the 1940s in the United States.

  • The side of the case is edged with lines, which makes the watch more elegant and feminine.

  • N002J series has a case that gorgeously dressed with 22 zirconia stones.

  • The colors of Rosemont Nostalgia straps are now available in 12 colors.

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