About RosemontSwiss-Made High Quality Watch since 1951

Rosemont –– The Watch of the Rose

The brand "Rosemont" was officially registered in Genève in 1951, and was fully launched in 1973 in La Chaux-de Fonds along the Jura Mountains, the mecca for the Swiss watch industry.

Rosemont was created with the ultimate pursuit of quality, design, and price in a classic style, providing you with pieces that you can wear for a lifetime. Rosemont originally started producing clocks made from rosewood, so it was named accordingly, using the phrase "rose montre", which means "watch of the rose".

These pieces preserve the nostalgic aura of mechanical movement watches and at the same time offer the advantages of quartz movement. Rosemont plans to continue evolving and producing a variety of models ranging from classic and nostalgic to sharp and avant-garde.

Rosemont Watch Factory

All Rosemont watches are designed and developed by a dedicated design team and assembled at a factory near Basel, Switzerland, where BASEL WORLD, the world’s biggest watch and jewelry show, is held.

Manufacturing very small Rosemont watches requires cutting-edge technologies,
from the making of molds for cases to the final assembly. The smaller the watch, the smaller the margin for error.

At the watch factory, where the final process takes place using state-of-the-art equipment, skilled craftspeople wearing white coats assemble and inspect watches, employing outstanding skill and taking pride in manufacturing Swiss-made watches.

Throughout the manufacturing process, consistent quality control and strict inspections to Swiss standards are performed. Only products that have passed all inspections are carefully packed and shipped from the factory, to customers all over the world. Feel the ticking of watches from Switzerland.

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